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Meet the Farm AnimalsThings to do - Farm activities

Always a favourite of the many activities at Twamley Farm and depending on the time of year, you are invited to feed the pet lambs, pat the sheep in the house paddock or get to know the farm dogs better. If you are feeling adventurous you can even get involved with whatever farm activities are happening on the day, which could be moving sheep or cattle, feeding out hay, checking on ewes and lambs, drenching or shearing sheep.

Trout Fishing

Twamley Farm’s Tea Tree Rivulet has some great wild trout fishing holes that are marked on our farm map.  If you are a keen trout fisher please feel free to bring your own gear and try your luck.

Bird Watching and Wildlife

Twamley Farm has a diversity of bird life making it perfect for birdwatching. Eleven of the state’s twelve endemic bird species can be seen here throughout the diverse microclimates, from the dry schlerophyll forests and low lying thickly vegetated creek beds to the farm’s gullies and temperate rainforest.  Golden Gully is known as a favourite breeding spot of the Swift Parrot, returning each year from Victoria to nest amongst the towering Blue Gums.

If you prefer the night life you can go on an evening walk where you will often encounter wallabies, possums, kangaroos and even Tasmanian devils.

Things to do: Vineyard Vineyard

Take a wander through the small vineyard located on the north facing slope below the homestead. With views out over the valley and the Tea Tree Rivulet, the vineyard predominantly grows pinot noir grapes with some rielsing.  It is bound by a hawthorn hedge on the eastern side, and if you climb through the fence just on the other side of the hedge you’ll find the ruins of the Twamley Farm Gardener’s Hut.  In 1874 the Turvey family inherited the resident gardener Mr Jack Farrington and this was his hut until he died.  Jack Farrington looked after the gardens around the homestead as well as an orchard and vegetable garden down by the Tea Tree Rivulet directly below the homestead.

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