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Wild Abundance & Fire

Great Eastern Wine Weekend

Wild Abundance & Fire

Gert & Ted at Twamley Farm

Saturday September 7, 2019 – 10am to 3pm

In the tradition of the pagan festival Ostara, honouring the arrival of spring, we will get outdoors to celebrate the abundance of mother earth and enjoy the arrival of the new season by cooking with fire.

Wild Abundance & Fire is a cooking class and lunch experience focused on learning how to cook local game to perfection over fire & coals.

Gert from Gert & Ted Gourmet Catering will take you through how to prepare a game dish and slow cook it over fire in the beautiful surrounds of Twamley Farm.

Darlington and Boomer Creek Vineyards will be at Twamley Farm offering tastings in the cellar and to share their stories before guests sit down to a hearty feast that has been roasting away on the fires. Lunch will include local game such as rainbow trout, partridge, venison & pheasant perfectly matched with our Spring Bay wines.