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A little bit about Buckland
Buckland Inn near Port Arthur

The rural hamlet of Buckland was originally known as Prosser Plains. It was settled in the 1820s for farming and most of these original families still farm here today, with beautiful old sandstone homesteads like Twamley hidden away in valleys and on hills all around Buckland.

Why did they choose this spot? Quite simply it is where all the surrounding rivers meet and is a fertile flood plain, perfect for farming. Buckland ‘rode on the sheep’s back’ as they say for most of the 20th Century.

Buckland was originally an important stop on the road up the East Coast and to the convict probation stations in the mid 1800s. The coach and horses would overnight at the Buckland Inn and the convicts were locked up in the cellar through the night.Buckland Church gravestones compressed near Port Arthur

A visit to St John the Baptist Church, completed in 1849, will reveal some of the local history. Many of the local families have their names dedicated on the stained glass windows. make sure you wander around the back of the church to explore the old gravestones from the mid 1800s.

Also, don’t forget to drop into the Buckland Inn where you can wind down at the end of the day with a local Tassie beer from the tap, whilst getting to know some of the local characters.

You can find more information on things to see and do in Buckland on the East Coast Tasmania website.Buckland Inn near Port Arthur